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Sunday, 2019-01-20, 2:21 AM
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Everyone is opposed to monarchies, autocracies, dictatorships and oligarchies. But what about democracy? Why would the anyone oppose democratic government?


Democracy - supposedly government of the people, by the people, and for the people - is a disguised oligarchy. A small, elite group govern in their own interests and take active steps to dupe the people, to provide misinformation and disinformation, to exploit the power of their office to disguise their many abuses. It is advantageous to them to maintain the people in a state akin to that of a flock of sheep or a herd of cows - docile, unthinking, easily controlled, lacking initiative, incapable of resisting.

Democracy, in practice, is government of the people, by the elite, and for the elite. It is the perfect instrument of control for the Old World Order. The people, brainwashed by relentless propaganda about "freedom and democracy", sedated by junk food, junk entertainment and junk culture, and starved of the sort of education that will furnish them with incisive, critical minds, do not know how to see through the lies. They are born suckers being taken for a perpetual ride.

Democracy becomes viable only at the point at which the vast majority of citizens are highly capable, clever, and resourceful. At that point, democracy and meritocracy intersect and become synonymous. Until that point, the most meritorious people in society must be placed in charge. How does that happen? An example already exists from history - America.