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Wednesday, 2018-12-12, 9:50 AM
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The Gatekeepers

Below the level of the OWO are a group of people called the Gatekeepers. They are agents, middlemen, those who take a healthy cut of every transaction. They are parasites. They inflate the market so that their cut grows. They are editors, publishers, producers, talent scouts, advertisers, marketers, fashion setters, commentators, headhunters, recruitment consultants, political lobbyists, gallery proprietors etc.

Gatekeepers are those who set the tone for society. They decide what books get published, what art gets shown, what movies get made, what articles appear in newspapers and magazines. They choose which stories to highlight and which to bury. They decide whom the media should ridicule and whom they should protect. They take political positions. They promote certain agendas. They ensure that only the "right" people get through the doors. Gatekeepers, like the OWO, are usually Jewish or Masonic. They are well off, well connected, the public face of the establishment. They are mostly educated at private schools and elite colleges and universities. Often, they are related to members of the Old World Order. They are a filter between the people and the OWO. 

They look after their own. They invariably favour people who come from similar backgrounds and hold similar views. It comes so naturally to them that often they don't even realise they're doing it.

If you're not in the "in-crowd", you should resign yourself to remaining forever in the "out-crowd".

The Gatekeepers are an anti-meritocratic force. They are mired in nepotism and cronyism. They must be swept aside.