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Dialectical Meritocratic Republic

I. First Measure

1. Initiate a mass awakening of meritocracy amongst the general public. After the awakening, meritocrats will win general elections in the traditional governments. Once in office, completely abolish all previous institutions, laws and temporarily remove the state all together. Then establish a new meritocratic constitution.

2. Immediately after meritocracy has been established, all individuals with over a million Euros in assets will have all assets over the million Euro limit confiscated by the government. This confiscation will act as a one-time "reset button” of society.

II. Dialectical Meritocratic Republic

A. General Politics
1. The Dialectical Meritocratic Republic is the nation's management system. It is mandatory for all adult citizens that have at least high school education diploma to join this structure. The rest of the people (minors and people with less than a High School Education Diploma) will have no right to influence the country's policies.


2. Social class ideology in politics will be completely abolished.

3. Traditional political parties will be abolished. Political advertising will be severely limited. The only self-promotion allowed for politicians is through live nationally televised debates/speeches, local discussions within cities, or authentic, original books. Money donations to candidates are banned, as candidates will not need the money to campaign, and in order to restrain the power of private lobbyists.

4. All individuals will have access to political information in some form. Everything from horses to the internet/intranet may be used to ensure the flow of information.

5. To reduce administrative bureaucracy, the quantity and size of federal buildings will be limited. There will be one building for each federal division: one large building for the Assembly of Experts and specialists, one medium sized building for the Guardian Council, and one small building for the National Leader. All additional, former administrative buildings will be replaced with free public services, such as museums, hospitals, etc. Citizens will be allowed near the administrative buildings, but there will be all necessary security and restrictions to protect the government officials.

6. All government officials will be allowed short vacations, but the central three national branches must be ready to vote on all issues and work with the rest of the government year-round.

7. A 90% vote by the population can dissolve the entire meritocratic structure and replace it with capitalist democracy, theocracy, monarchy, etc.

B. Assembly of Experts (Legislature)
1. The Masses with at least a High School Education Diploma will elect an Assembly of Experts. The Assembly will consist of 10 people elected based on their achievements, moral and intellectual probity and altruism. A citizen will vote for 1 legislative candidate., then the first 10 according to the results will become the 10 members of the Assembly of Experts for one year. Each member of the Assembly of Experts can hire up to 10 specialists that will have a fixed salary with the approval of the Guardian Council.

2. The Assembly will have the following tasks:

Produce and regulate laws for the good of the people
Appoint judges of federal courts
Regulate the large sectors of the economy
Make fiscal monetary decisions
Collect taxes
Ensure that all taxes are paid
Raise and support an army
Impeach lesser government officials
Assume the responsibilities of the executive if he and the vice executive die in office

3. The Assembly can be dissolved by the Guardian Council at any time. After the dissolution, the official election will begin in one week, so as to ensure potential candidates have adequate time to prepare. The Experts can rerun in elections.

4. The educated masses can suggest laws & ideas to the Assembly of Experts. The Assembly will filter the suggestions they receive and make laws. In order for any law to be passed the majority of the Assembly must agree to issue that law. In the event of a tie, the National Leader will act as the tie-breaker. The National Leader will then approve or veto the law. The Assembly can override the Leader's veto with an 80% vote amongst the Assembly.

5. The Assembly will share the power of making treaties with the National Leader, and will consult the Leader on all decisions that affect the welfare of the people.


6. The Leader and Assembly will work conjointly to initiate military policies.  Any member of the Assembly or the Leader may propose military policies or actions, and it will be presented to the Guardian Council if at least 5 Assembly members and the Leader support it.  The Guardian Council will then decide on the idea with a majority vote.  The National Leader would then be responsible for organizing and leading the military effort once the Council concurs.  This procedure will be followed for anything including: war, riots, virtually all national military efforts.

C. National Leader (Executive)
1. The Masses with at least a High School Education Diploma will elect a National Leader for a term of one year. Elections for the National Leader are held at a year's time from the recent Leader's election. Each National Leader is required to have a vice-leader that is elected with him. The vice-leader will replace the leader if he should be incapacitated. If both Leader and vice-leader are incapacitated, the Assembly of Experts will assume their roles until an election can be organized.

2. The election for National Leader will be a three round voting system. A majority of votes for any candidate at any time is all that is needed to win the election, so the three rounds will only proceed if no individual receives a prior majority. Three candidates will be chosen from all potential candidates according to highest votes with a primary round of voting. A secondary round of voting will leave the two highest ranking candidates. A majority in the third / final round of voting will determine who becomes the National Leader.

3. The Leader will have the following tasks:

Act as chief of state in national emergencies and foreign relations
Enforce laws with executive actions
Convene the Assembly of Experts in special sessions if needed
Give a State of the Nation Address halfway through the term
Appoint lesser military officials with approval of the Assembly
Approve or Veto all legislation from the Assembly

4. The National Leader can be removed by the Guardian Council at any time. After the dissolution, the official election will begin in one week, so as to ensure potential candidates have adequate time to prepare. Leaders can rerun in elections.

5. The National Leader will share the power of making treaties with the Assembly, and will consult the Assembly on all decisions that affect the welfare of the people.

6.   The Leader and Assembly will work conjointly to initiate military policies.  Any member of the Assembly or the Leader may propose military policies or actions, and it will be presented to the Guardian Council if at least 5 Assembly members and the Leader support it.  The Guardian Council will then decide on the idea with a majority vote.  The National Leader would then be responsible for organizing and leading the military effort once the Council concurs.  This procedure will be followed for anything including: war, riots, virtually all national military efforts.

7. The National Leader must establish peaceful negotiations and demonstrate the highest degree of elevated wisdom while respecting the customs and traditions of the foreign nation he visits, though he must never tolerate the intolerant.

D. Guardian Council
1. The Masses with at least a High School Education Diploma will elect a Guardian Council designed to defend Meritocracy. The Council will consist of ten members: five members of the Elite Guard and five civilians with at least Master's Degrees. The Council will have a term of two years from inauguration. The Council will be elected in the same manner as the Assembly, except with the top five candidates from the Elite Guard and five Master's Degree holding civilians.

2. The Guardian Council will have the responsibility of overthrowing any federal leader or institution that does not respect meritocratic principles, including the National Leader and Assembly of Experts. The Council can dissolve these institutions at will, or when the citizens ask them to do so. No specific percentage of the population is needed to force the Council to dissolve the other branches.

3. The Guardian Council will not be able to revise laws or executive actions.


4. The Council Will act as a "buffer" between the military/population and the civilian government.  The Leader and Assembly are the only branches that may propose military action or policies, but the Council must approve or veto the civilian government's proposals on the military.  If the Council supports a measure, the National Leader will be responsible for organizing and leading the effort.

5. The Council must approve or veto each potential specialist that would be hired by the Assembly of Experts.

6. The Council can be dissolved by a majority vote of the population. After the dissolution, the new Guardian Council will be elected in the same method the Assembly of Experts is elected.

7. The Council will organize elections for the National Leader and Assembly of Experts. When the Council is being elected, the Assembly will organize the elections.

8. If the Guardian Council is dissolved by a majority vote less than one week after the Council removed the National Leader or Assembly of Experts, the Leader/Assembly will maintain their position.

E. Citizens: Voting and Candidacy
1. Any individual that is at least 18 years with a High School Diploma that wishes to run in a national election is required to take a free candidacy test. This test will consist of a series of essays designed to examine how logically a candidate can defend their political ideas, answer questions about the current state of affairs of society, and describe national history in a time-limited environment, similar to a college exam. The test will be given to registered candidates at universities across the nation. The specific essay prompts will be designed by the Guardian Council and will be kept hidden until the candidates are taking the test. After the test, the questions, essays, and candidate answers are released to the public, which can then be scrutinized by the population.

2. The candidacy test will be given at the end of the year before the National Leader, Assembly of Experts, and Guardian Council are elected. This test will ensure the right to be a candidate for one year from the test date. Recently dissolved federal officials members can run in elections without a candidacy test until the official test at the end of the year, at which point they will be required to take the exam to be a candidate in any elections.

3. Any official candidate that takes the candidacy exam will be given equal, unbiased nationally televised discussion/debate time with other candidates.

4. All citizens will vote through a secure government intranet. There will be a database of registered voters that allows each person to vote once in each election. The intranet will also be used to determine the majority needed to dissolve the Guardian Council, and any other task requiring a population vote.

5. Citizens will be able to vote "Against all candidates" in elections to express dissatisfaction with politicians.

III. Elite Guard (Military)

1. All citizens with a High School Education Diploma will be trained with the minimal fighting skills necessary to defend the nation in case of war. Civilian ownership of firearms will be restricted in normal circumstances.

2. All former law enforcement units will be disbanded including the police, army, secret services, and special telecommunication services. An Elite Guard will be established as the new Defensive force. The Guards will enforce laws (enforce exile), normalize state activity (restore peace in riots), fight in wars, aid the people during natural disasters, and protect the National Leader, Assembly, and Council.

3. Elite Guards will be legal adults selected based on their achievements, moral and intellectual probity, and altruism.  All Elite Guards are equal, and the main power hierarchy will be the government.

IV. Law (Courts, Punishments, & Rights)

1. Abolish the prison system and start a steady transition to a prison-less system: No new prison inmates, more appeals/retrials, and temporary maintenance of prisons until the prisoners are either released in accordance with their conviction, or until they die while serving a life sentence.

2. Legal courts are organized by the Assembly of Experts. The punishment for any new crime or illegal activity, for adults over 18 years old is : Permanent Exile and stripping that person of all assets and citizenship.

3. All criminals convicted of the following crimes: child abuse (including religious branding), thievery, tax evasion, murder, sexual assault, kidnapping, killing an animal without reasonable cause, abusing animals (multiple offenses), intentionally releasing toxins into the environment, fraud, physical violence (except for self defense), sex trafficking, human trafficking, torture, and drug slavery will be exiled to a "Village of Criminals” within the national boundaries. These criminals will be permanently isolated from society. The Meritocratic government will retain the power to decide if certain criminals can temporarily leave and will remove all newborn children, but will abstain from any further power over the internal affairs of the village. The convicts will be allowed to create their own society and laws. In this manner they will be given opportunity for personal redemption, but will never be allowed to live in normal society again.

4. Minors (under 18 years) that are convicted of a "lesser" criminal act, which includes but is not limited to: Public intoxication, Trespassing, Disorderly conduct, Gambling, and Reckless driving, will have to attend a reeducation school 1 day each week for a period of 6 months / 1 year. If they refuse to go they could lose their citizenship.

5. Adults that are convicted of a "lesser" criminal act, which includes but is not limited to: Public intoxication, Trespassing, Disorderly conduct, Gambling, and Reckless driving, will have to do community service 1 day each week for a period of 6 months / 1 year.

6. "Sports" that are based on physical violence, like K1, MMA, Boxing, and Wrestling are banned in all circumstances.

7. Any mutilation of minors (including circumcision) is punished as a crime and the state will find a new family that can adopt the abused child.

8. All people have freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures, the right to due process of law, freedom from self-incrimination, freedom from double jeopardy, the right to a speedy and public trial, the right of trial by jury in civil cases, freedom from excessive bail, and freedom from cruel and unusual punishments.

9. Women have equal rights as men. All women have the right to be topless in public. Women are allowed to serve in direct combat units in the army.

10. A social currency/basic income will be implemented, and will be used to help determine who is missing (kidnapped, forced into prostitution, etc). People are required to claim their social currency from a state bank each month.

V. Currency & Banks

1. A new social currency will be used to satisfy the basic needs of all citizens. The social currency is backed by the state and can only be used inside the country to buy basic needs. This social money is given to each citizen, each month, from birth to death. The social currency is not affected by inflation or currency reevaluation. The items that citizens can purchase from the state with social currency includes : Food, Cloths etc. This currency provides basic income for children, teenagers, adults & pensioners. Luxury items not necessary for survival cannot be purchased with the social currency. The retirement system is completely abolished.

a) People will receive 250 social points each month from 0 years old to their latest education degree (College, Graduate School/University, etc). After this time, people will receive 750 social points each month if they are employed, and 100 each month if they are not employed. After the age of 50, each citizen will receive 1000 social points each month regardless of employment.

b) Each citizen is encouraged to return unused/unneeded social points to the state.

2. Social currency production and food production will be directly related each year. A portion (approximately 5-10%) of all surplus food produced will be deposited and sold to citizens using social currency.

3. A new commercial currency will enable anyone to buy things outside the basic needs. All country assets will be evaluated and the state will issue money according to their total value (dynamic process). All commercial currency will be strictly linked to the total physical assets the country has. Native, non-national currencies (such as the Euro) will be temporarily recognized as commercial currency, but will be replaced by individual national commercial currencies.

Example, total value of : land mass + natural deposits / resources + buildings + finished goods.

4. There will be no minimum commercial wage due to the social currency.

5. All private banks are forbidden. The Dialectical Meritocratic Republic (state) may lend commercial money, with 0 interest rate.  All profits, deposits, and financial records of the state bank will be made entirely public, but all private accounts will remain entirely anonymous amongst the general public.

6. The Meritocratic government will never be allowed to borrow money from other states except in the case of a national emergency, and only with a zero percent interest rate in those cases.

VI. Housing & Commodities

1. Having a home is considered a basic need and thus all adult citizens will receive a free house/apartment as long as the individual can pay the maintenance. Housing will be given in accordance with individual need.

2. Houses will be recycled with the Inheritance tax. All houses distributed will be small to moderately sized. Houses worth more than the maximum annual commercial salary (1 million Euros) will be repurposed by the state once the owner dies.

3. Electricity, like water, will be given in limited amounts for free with the social currency. Enough to maintain a refrigerator and lights at night, for example.

4. Drinkable Cold Water is free in limited amounts. Each person is given 1-2 cubic meters of free cold water each month. Additional water can be purchased.

VII. Economy, Property, Insurance & Tax

1. When a person dies everything he had returns to the Dialectical Meritocratic Republic system (100% inheritance tax), regardless of trusts and anything of the sort.

2. All individuals and private national companies will be able to earn maximum 1 million Euros per year as profit. Everything that exceeds 1 million Euros will be taxed 100%. Euros will only be used as a temporary limit as the commercial currency will replace the Euro, at which point the limit will be 1 million of each respective national commercial currency. Foreign companies have no limit on profit but they must give 75% of their profit to the state.

3. Tax evasion will result in exile. All accountants and auditors are required to report illegal financial activity (such as tax evasion) to the government. Refusal to cooperate with the government will result in all accountants / auditors with knowledge of illegal activity being exiled.


4. Property tax, outside of the inheritance tax, will be eliminated.


5. Insurance will be offered through the state bank on all goods bought with commercial currency for the smallest possible fee.  No foreign or "private" insurance will be allowed.


6. If an individual makes a million Euros or more each year and reports it to the state, they will be offered free insurance on all strictly commercial goods they buy (cars, etc).  If they lose their million Euro income, they will be allowed to maintain former free insurance, but all new items will cost a fee to insure.


7. All existing land & sea properties that are owned by foreign people/companies along with any future foreign investment will be possible with a concession / limited time buy system. The foreign company can chose to buy land for a limited period of time and from a pre-selected list of available areas.

8. Attractive prices for the land concession / limited time buy system, will allow foreign companies to work efficiently.

9. Hotel/Apartment speculation will be limited. There will be a limit on room costs at all times during the year, but the limit itself is subject to change based on economic condition according to the Meritocratic government.

10. Sporting events, and all events of similar nature, will be required to sell tickets directly to individuals. Event Speculators and middle-men will be banned due to the fraudulent nature of the activity.

11. The natural resources belong entirely to the people of the nation. All natural resources will be nationalized immediately. No foreign investment that exploits natural resources will be allowed. National companies in natural resources will be incorporated into the state, which will use part of it's profit to advance each respective resource.

VIII. Transportation & Travel

1. A state driving program will be implemented to teach driving skills to all citizens at minimal cost.

2. The Driving License exam will include more content and length, both in quiz format and in actual driving. The exam will be required for each driver.

3. A routine driving exam must be taken once every 10 years to maintain a Driver's License.

4. Public transit will be available to all citizens within all major cities for free.

5. Society's dependence on cars will be steadily reduced through new technology.

6. Urban transport will have the following restrictions:

a) Cars must be no greater than 1300 kilograms in weight, 1.5 meters in height, and 150 horsepower. All cars over any of these numbers cannot drive on city business streets.

b) Cars under these limits will be allowed to drive on city business streets, but will be required to pay an additional tax based on the frequency of city driving.

c) Only commercial/business vehicles and public transit are exempt from the traffic restrictions.

7. All cities with modern subway systems are required to offer underground crosswalks in all central business districts (downtown areas).

8. All Meritocratic nations will cooperate to produce contracts to allow free tourist exchange programs. Each nation will offer a standard free plan to the people of cooperative nations in exchange for the other nations offering free tourist plans for their citizens. All finer details will be resolved in the contracts. Through the integration of different nations, humanity will advance towards a global Meritocratic nation.

IX. Goods Production

1. Massive machinery usage will replace the work of human beings while raising the living standard of all citizens.

2. The human labor system will be revolutionized in accordance with new technological abilities. This new system will consist of the following:

a) Any individual may work for wages a maximum of 5 hours each day.

b) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday will be the standard work days, with Friday, Saturday, and Sunday being the weekend. Any individual that works on these 3 days will be working overtime and must be paid double.

c) Companies may have up to 4 shifts of 5 hours each day.

d) The 3 day weekend will replace national and religious holidays.

3. Ecological agriculture & food production only.

4. Foods and Drinks will be rigorously tested and must meet the highest possible quality standards. These products will be tested regularly. All addictive flavor enhancing chemicals will be banned, except natural flavors like sugar. All ingredients in a product must be non-harmful in normal amounts (no carcinogens or chemical of that nature), and must be made of 100% quality product. Safe preservatives are allowed.

5. Each citizen may work a maximum of 5 hours a day. All people will have a place to work if they want to work.

X. Environmental & Animal Rights

1. Killing an animal without reasonable cause is illegal and is punishable by exile.

2. Abusing animals is illegal, and after a first offense the abused animal will be removed and placed in better care and the former owner will no longer be able to own animals. After multiple offenses, the punishment for the abuser is exile.

3. Large nature reservations on both land and sea will be built and/or maintained to provide non-domesticated and homeless animals a place to survive.  The animal populations of these areas will be regulated to prevent ecological damage.

4. Hunting outside of nature reservations is legal seasonally, except in the cases of endangered organisms, such as whales.

5. Animal testing is allowed if the testing is painless, harmless, and non-lethal for the animal, The testing must have a clear and probable medical goal.

6. Owning non-domesticated animals is illegal except for organizations that take care of animals that cannot survive on their own or be released.

7. Releasing toxins into the environment is a crime punishable by exile at the first offense.

8. Only animals of old age may be used for meat production. Young and middle aged animals may only be used to produce goods that do not harm the animal, such as milk, cheese, eggs, wool, etc.

9. If a nation cuts down one tree, it will plant 21 trees as soon as possible, either within national borders or in a consensual reforestation program with other Meritocratic states.

XI. Religion & Marriage

1. All religions can be freely practiced individually on private property. No public religious propaganda buildings are allowed. All such religious buildings will be transformed into cultural, entertainment and public service buildings.

2. All existing, marriage related documents will no longer grant any privilege, because it will no longer be possible to officially marry two people, regardless of sex. There will be no standard religious or legal act that formalizes an intimate and sexual relationship between two people.

3. Baptism, circumcision, and all other means of branding a youth to a certain religion are illegal and punished with exile.

4. While all religions can be practiced on private property, no follower of Abrahamism (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) may immigrate to the meritocratic nation or hold government office.

5. All public (government) traditions based on faith-based religions are banned.

XII. Education & Children

1. The meritocratic society is tolerant but never tolerates the intolerant {including itself}. A meritocratic society promotes : "For the benefit of all", which replaces the old mentality : "For the benefit of my family".

2. The education system is now directly responsible for the development of the children & teenagers. Education is free for all citizens from kinder garden to university. The education system will be completely reworked in order to allow freedom of choice and will be based on Jung and Briggs Myers typology.

3. A philosophy course on the ideas of the armageddonconspiracy.co.uk site will be offered at all high schools and colleges.

4. All individuals will be encouraged from a young age to personally express themselves, either through contribution to the zeitgeist or direct volunteering.

5. Education regarding drugs and sex safety is mandatory for all people. Khat, alkyl nitrites, solvents, ecstasy, GHB, LSD, cannabis, methylphenidate, 4-MTA, caffeine, and alcohol are legal for adults. Drug usage by minors is limited to drugs from the above list that are harmless in normal amounts. It is the responsibility of the state to teach the children not to use dangerous drugs, and if they use harmless drugs to do so with moderation.

6. Varieties of sports will be played at all schools.

7. Parent will not be allowed to force their beliefs on children by physical or psychological means. The education system must have a mandatory class each week where children/students will be allowed to denounce any family or parental abuse. This class will also teach the children / students how to behave and never abuse their own children / other colleagues / students.

8. Primary school through Secondary/High school will not be allowed to give students homework, and will be required to replace artificial lighting with sunlight in all possible circumstances. Educators will strive to be more creative when teaching and testing students, simple mechanical memorization is not acceptable. The school day will have a maximum of five hours.

9. All teachers will be required to follow an autodidactic teaching style. Students must be encouraged to learn on their own with guidance from teachers and parents.

10. The duration periods of education will roughly follow this time arrangement:

a) The Basic school/Elementary school/Primary school - 4 years

b) The Advanced school (part of the basic school) / Middle school - 4 years

c) The High school/Secondary school- 4 years

d) University degree durations will be cooperatively decided on by academic and government officials in all public universities.

11. Students will be evaluated differently during each phase of education:


a) For the first 4 to 5 years of education (elementary school, primary school, basic school, etc), all mechanistic academic final exams will be replaced by personal projects to be designed by each individual student based on the academic material. The teachers are to grade generously based on effort and academic content.

b) For the sequential 3 to 4 years of education (advanced school, middle school, etc) there will be a transition period between personal projects and final exams. This period will be used prepare students for trials and exams.

c) For the last 4 years of public education before college (high school, secondary school, etc) final exams will almost entirely replace final personal projects. Creativity will still be encouraged when possible, but each students merits must start being determined during this time.

d) For university level education, traditional exams and personal evaluations will be used. The latter will consist of students and professors writing evaluations of each other to determine credit, teaching quality, etc.

12. A parent must have at least a high school diploma to be the legal guardian of their children. If no parent has a high school diploma, the child will be removed from the family and adopted by another family. If the parent is attempting to earn a high school diploma when their child is born, the parent will be allowed to keep their child as long as they graduate by the time the child is 6 months old.

13. No person under the age of 18 may be employed. Students in the higher education system are allowed to be employed as long as the job does not interfere with their education.

XIII. Healthcare

1. Healthcare is free for all citizens. Preventive medicine / education will be taught at schools, and the state will give free medical prevention treatments to all citizens except illegal immigrants.

2. Abortion is legal for the following circumstances: Necessary for maternal life, physical / mental health, fetal defects, or if the fetus is less than 4 weeks developed. Abortions under all other circumstances is illegal.

If a woman moves to a foreign country to make an abortion that is illegal in her country she will lose citizenship. The Meritocratic Structure will offer free abortion for any of the above options.

XIV. Immigration & Border control

1. All immigrants who request naturalization will receive citizenship if: they have a high school education diploma, they are fluent in the national language, and they renounce their old citizenship. Integration with people from different ethnic groups will steadily reduce prejudice over time, creating a much healthier future.

2. A tourist, investor or any other person that comes from a non meritocratic nation can stay in a Meritocratic nation for a maximum time of three months, in an attempt to conserve national products and infrastructure. After that, the individual must request citizenship or request the state extend his visiting time.

3. All Illegal immigrants that come to the country without asking for citizenship (or who are not eligible for citizenship) are exiled from the country. If they repeat this error, they will be put in the criminal village.

4. People lacking legal citizenship can receive temporary legal documents at the border to allow them to request citizenship inside the nation

5.  National borders will be regulated to prevent undesirable elements from entering the nation.  All caught smuggling any of the following into the nation will be exiled.


a) All food products that cannot legally be sold or produced within the Meritocratic nation cannot enter the nation.


b) No private weapons are allowed to enter the nation.


c) All illegal drugs are forbidden from entering the nation.


d) Immigrants with no intention of acquiring citizenship.

XV. Drugs & Sex

1. Khat, alkyl nitrites, solvents, ecstasy, GHB, LSD, cannabis, methylphenidate, 4-MTA, caffeine, and alcohol can be sold, purchased, and consumed by adults legally as recreational drugs. Recreational drug usage by minors is limited to drugs from the above list that are harmless in normal amounts.

2. Selling or using illegal drugs is a crime that results in exile to the criminal village.

3. Confessing to illegal drug use will result in court-mandated rehabilitation. This program will use reduced amounts of sanitized drugs to eliminate addictions while ensuring that victims rebuild / maintain their lives.

4. Enslaving people through addictive drugs is a high crime and will be met with exile.

5. Drug information will be freely available to all citizens, either through a government website or a physical building in each city.

6. In order to destroy the black market, the government will offer all possible legal drugs to the public for sale. However, the government will never trade with oppressive drug cartels.

7. A state building that allows educated people with at least a High School Education Diploma to meet in order to have sex will exist in every major city. By society acknowledging it's repressed Dionysian side, the psychological health of the individual citizens, and society as a whole, will improve. All participants will be required to present recent proof (up to two weeks) that they have no transmittable diseases. Security guards and doctors will be present at all times to ensure the safety of all participants. A small fee must be paid to use a clean room.

8. All individuals of 18 years or older are allowed to participate in pornography.


9. All legal adults are only allowed to have sex with other legal adults.  Legal minors may have sex with other minors.  Adults having sex with minors is illegal and results in exile.  The only exception to this rule will be in the case of high school students: If an 18 high school graduate is in a genuine relationship beyond simply sex with a 17 year old that has not graduated yet, their relationship can continue as long as both are willing to testify of their relationship.  18 year olds cannot have sex with anyone less than 17 years old, and 19 year olds must follow all normal laws of a legal adult.

XVI. Globalization (Internet, Intranet, Science, Patents)

1. Downloading and using any copyrighted material or hacked programs from the internet for personal use is legal. It is illegal to earn money by selling copyrighted material or hacked programs.

2. An intranet will be built that will work in parallel with the internet. The intranet will allow the citizens to vote electronically, read the state encyclopedia and access various cultural projects developed by the country.

3. While the internet will no longer be monitored by the government except for the most rudimentary safety, the intranet will be permanently monitored. The intranet will be a completely separate entity from the internet (it will not be hackable). You will be able to use the intranet from home (using a separate cable) or from special places found all over the country where the intranet can be accessed freely.

4. A government institution will fund scientific research and offer employment to leading scientists to advance human technology and knowledge. This institution will consist of philosophers, mathematicians, and scientists, as long as each can apply their knowledge to advancement.

5. All inventions, information, and research progress will be freely explained to the public.

6. Stem cells and Telocytes will be studied conjointly, with no specific limitations on stem cells until more research has been conducted.

7. Patents will be completely banned.

8. A new global language based on mathematics will be implemented. Each region can expand this language as they will, so long as the basic version is comprehensible to all people. The specifics of this language will be designed by the Meritocratic Assembly of Experts.

9. All advertisements are forbidden in the following: newspapers, books, on buildings, TV, radio etc. Advertisements are only allowed on the internet, so long as they are free from psychological trickery.

10. Traditional advertisements will be replaced with exhibitive, objective product analysis, provided by the science department to spread product information. This program will be funded through general taxes and donations.

11. Each national government will have a national encyclopedia on the internet for people around the world to use. An international website with links to each national encyclopedia will be established.

12. The Metric system will be the global system of measurement according to the International System of Units.

XVII. New World Order

1. Meritocratic nations will work toward integration, with such programs as a tourist exchange program, the ability to switch citizenship's or become dual citizens, and more to be decided.

2. After more than one Meritocracy is created, the Meritocratic nations will begin to work together to form a global citizenry. After a consensus is reached, all Meritocratic citizens will be entitled to this global citizenship. These citizens will pay taxes and receive social currency (if all nations agree on basic income) from the nation they are employed in.

Sourced from http://Merit.clan.su