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Wednesday, 2018-12-12, 9:13 AM
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The New World Order

The New World Order

The Illuminati wish to promote a new type of humanity where the "tradition" and "other"-directed types (useless, essentially) fade away, and the "inner-directed" are radically improved. The Illuminati want society to create healthy, strong individuals - neither slaves to tradition nor brainwashed by parental attitudes nor obsessed with the status of their neighbours. They want people with a solid inner core, who know who they are, and who know how to contribute to a meritocratic society based rigorously on individual talent and not privilege. The Illuminati believe in an "emergent society", a super society that emerges once the calibre of people in that society has reached an exceptionally high level, unlike anything that has been seen on earth to date. That level can never be reached in the iniquitous world of privilege of the Old World Order where consumerism defines most human destinies, and the identity of your parents is much more important than who you are. 

Ironically, the people who belong to the anti New World Order movement would fare much better in a New World Order than the sad "others" and "traditionalists". Rather than fearing a New World Order, they should actively pursue it in order to overthrow the Old World Order dominated by weak and pathetic consumers (the other-orientated) and brainwashed, unthinking human automatons (the tradition-directed), and the lazy, inept and parasitical beneficiaries of privilege (the Bush Family, the British Royal Family, the Saudi Royal Family et al). The future belongs to the inner-directed. It's time to bring about that future now.

The path to salvation exists, even in this fallen world. The puppetmasters in the shadows can be defeated. 

We are the Illuminati and we preach resistance to the Old World Order. We look forward to the dawn of a meritocratic future - something the world has never witnessed in its entire troubled history, something we have striven for across the millennia, all the while enduring the persecution of the Old World Order. We are the true voice in the wilderness. Faith and "good" deeds are fools' gold, the lies of false prophets and charlatans. Knowledge of the true path to the divine is all that matters. There is an ancient word for it.