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Wednesday, 2018-12-12, 9:13 AM
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The Old World Order

The Old World Order

They take their privileged positions for granted.
Believe that they intrinsically deserve to be at the top of society.
Believe that they are better than those who are not similarly privileged.
Believe that God/Nature has conferred their elevated status upon them (nothing to do with luck or circumstances of birth).
Are contemptuous of the members of the lower orders and find them a nuisance.
Don't care about the opinions of the lower orders.
Are obsessed with their position in the pecking order amongst their peers.
Expect the best jobs, the most beautiful partners, the highest salaries, the most choice opportunities in life.
Expect to go to the best schools and colleges and receive the finest education.
Want to be surrounded by their peers and to avoid the lower orders. They love gated communities, shut off and protected from the lower orders.
Expect "the system" to ensure that they are always taken care of.
Expect to live in the finest homes in the finest locations.
Expect to lead rather than follow.
Expect never to be subservient to a member of the lower orders.
Are contemptuous of any member of the lower orders who makes it "big" (nouveau riche/new money).
They rely on the weakness and cowardice of the lower orders. 
Snobbery, elitism, class and privilege govern their lives.

Typical Old World Order President: George Bush (father or son).

On the internet, they look for exclusive sites for the social and business elite. They spend time seeking premium vacations, unique experiences, rare and expensive gifts, fashionable artworks and the latest technologies. At all times, the emphasis is on distancing themselves from ordinary people, and demonstrating that they are superior to those people.

They are ripe for the manipulations of the group that stands in the shadows behind the Old World Order, and which uses the Old World Order to advance its own nefarious and mind-boggling ends. This secret group has no connection with reptiles, but it is every bit as shocking. We deliberately say as little about this group as possible because ordinary people would not accept its existence without seeing our evidence, which we dare not show in public because worldwide chaos would ensue.