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Sunday, 2019-01-20, 3:20 AM
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The Meritocratic Manifesto

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Text: http://armageddonconspiracy.co.uk/In ancient Greece, meritocracy was known as aristocracy - "rule by the best" i.e. the most talented. Note that the rich historically hijacked the word "aristocracy" since they believed that to be the richest was to be the best. In fact, rule by the rich is rightly known as plutocracy, but the rich never liked to view themselves as merely wealthy, so chose not to use that label. They wanted wealth to reflect superior moral and intellectual qualities. The same attitude persists to this day amongst capitalists and libertarians: wealth = superior worth morally. Poor people are "evil" because they are poor.The idea of elites, divorced from the needs and wants of the people, and acting in their own interests, is anathema. Crowdsourcing and meritocracy, working in a continual feedback loop, can provide the engine to take humanity to the next stage of its evolution. The people should be working in tandem, in partnership, with government. They should not be passive recipients of diktats from on high, from a remote government of the privileged elite. Citizens must be active in the moulding of the state, contributing at every level. Government and the people should be hardwired together: there should be no possibility of the government not representing the people's interests. Any government that is not deemed by the people to be representing the General Will of the people is a tyranny, reflecting only the particular wills of the ruling elite.No one is free who has been compelled from their first breath to be a clone of their parents who, in turn, were clones of theirs, all obeying some fanatical ideology expressed in some ancient holy text or economic doctrine, dogmatically and tyrannically passed down from generation to generation from time immemorial. That is the purest slavery.The ultimate political system is one that recognizes the spiritual dimension of humanity, unlike capitalism and communism, yet lets people explore their spirituality in whatever way they find most inspiring and helpful, without any inflexible, exclusive, dogmatic, hateful ideology.The ultimate political system is one that is designed to continually evolve to meet the needs of the time.The ultimate political system is one that always reflects the General Will of the people.The ultimate political system provides an equal opportunity for everyone. It prevents the creation of dynastic elites. It stops any individual or group from acquiring too many resources, too much power and wealth. It eliminates privilege, nepotism and cronyism.The meritocratic republic is that ultimate political system. It is the dialectical end-point. Meritocracy is the inevitable culmination of the long path of political evolution.

Language: Русский
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Author: Jyotirveda2
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